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I can only define productivity as being efficient and utilizing one’s time to achieve one’s goals. Here, I express various tools and strategies I’ve learned and implemented in my life.

How I improved my productivity with MoSCoW Prioritisation?

In 1994, The MoSCoW method of prioritization came into fruition by a software developer called Day Clegg. The initial purpose of developing this technique was to execute project-based work with a prioritisation framework under time constriction. MoSCoW method of prioritisation is also known as the MoSCoW analysis. As a prioritisation technique, this technique is a…

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What did I learn from Elon Musk?

First principle thinking is the basis of solving a problem by questioning your ‘initial’ analogy or assumptions. The practice of breaking down the problem to its acute elements. It allows you to build new knowledge, information which engenders creative solutions. One of the greatest philosophers of our history Aristotle, who advocated his efforts towards his…

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Reduction steps of habit

Imagine for a moment that starting your day with a difficult habit and as your day progresses you reduce the difficulty of each habit. For such a system to exist, it must have the following: actionable, easily able to verify your most difficult to least difficult habits obvious, habits that are accountable and attractive I…

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Staying productive at work

I am in the second rotation of my 2-year program as a graduate engineer, working in a “hands-on” engineering department. In a 7.5 hour shift, I’m allocated one-hour for my lunch break. I see this as an opportunity to reflect and learn and it is something I’ve been doing in my previous jobs. Before COVID-19,…

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The Feynman way!

Imagine for one moment that you find yourself not been able to understand a difficult concept or if you get the grasp of it, you find it difficult to explain it to anyone? And within that moment, what do you do? Do you just give up? Do provide yourself with the false confidence ‘Yeah, I…

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TEA Framework

As my mother would say “Start your day with aadrak ki chai”, translation “ginger tea”. As I consume my strongly infused-ginger tea, I practice my newfound zeal of reviewing saved articles on Instapaper. Reviewing the article ‘TEA: The 3 Pillars of Productivity You Need To Unlock Your Full Potential‘ highlights the lack of time, energy,…

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