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My way of sharing useful advice that I’ve read or been given by various speakers in my life. Check out what I’ve discovered so far.

Building Consistency

How do we build consistency? How do we overcome the threshold of resistance and just apply ourselves to the task at hand?  Recently, I have started with the concept of journalling to build a certain degree of discipline, a routine that would not allow me to reflect on the outcome of my day, but to…

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Medicine – my story

To give some context to this article, I am a graduate in Chemical Engineering and currently working as a Technical Engineer. During my reading as an undergraduate, I was double minded to the idea of either pursuing engineering as a career or to take a leap of faith in pursuing medicine. With better judgement and…

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Lunch time experiment

In the early months of working at Emerson, I would time to time induge in a £3.50 spree to buy a full plate of lunch and pay an additional £1.50 for a dessert cup. I couldn’t really complain about the food because a hot meal on a cold day is pretty awesome. This would often…

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Minimizing regret

At the end of last year, I realised that if I didn’t pursue my ventures of creating a platform of writing blogs I would have regretted it down the years. Coming across Regret Minimisation Framework which was introduced by Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon). He describes his decision to pursue amazon in such a manner…

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Fighting resistance

While visiting California late last year, I took a stroll down Santana Row only to find my first ever amazon store. But that’s not the point, I’d picked up this little gem called ‘The War of Art‘. Written by Steven Pressfield, possibly a read that can be finished within 3 hours. However, if you like to…

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