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Book reviews are a way to narrow down on three key messages that I could implement in my life.

Hell Yeah or No: By Derek Sivers

‘Hell yeah or No’, the title hasn’t caught me by surprise because I initially came across it in Derek’s first book called Anything you want. I picked up this book because it echoed my interest in making decisions instead of dwelling on them. This book has expanded upon various ideas and stories that were presented…

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Sharing three reflective thoughts from the book Storyworthy that I’ve implemented in my daily practice. The book is a personal account of many anecdotal experiences which the author shares in a captivating manner. Along, with strategies to become a better storyteller. One of which, I have already shared in a post called Homework for life.…

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Show your work: By Austin Kleon

The accumulating learnings highlighted in this book are boundless. Many of the learnings feel like a sight for sore eyes. A lot of which have been beneficial in my progress as a creator. I opened my creative process, which is documented through my blog channel, YouTube channel and weekly newsletter to be viewed by the…

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Atomic Habits

James Clear author of Atomic Habits My thoughts I’ll be highlighting three key messages from this book. Atomic Habits provides a plethora of strategies that can be used to establish good habits and redefine bad ones. The book also highlights the compounding element of making small changes to your behaviour for a long time can result in…

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